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Below are links to current articles in newspapers, journals, websites, etc. that have news of direct interest to the CHAMP members. Older articles will be archived after three months.

Posting news items here does not mean that CHAMP is endorsing any one position, political movement, opinion, or idea. CHAMP members are strongly urged to consider carefully providing personal information about anyone currently working in conflict zones! We do not want to endanger people by giving information to terrorists. CHAMP is not responsible for what the news publishes, but we can be careful what we pass on!

"Iraq steps up efforts to restore lost heritage at ancient Nimrud" (14 Aug 17)

"The Men Who Trade ISIS Loot" (8 Aug 17)

"Iraq eager to get back antiquities smuggled to US" (4 Aug 17)

"Iraq oil pipeline comes with major environmental costs" (29 Jul 17)

"5,000 Historical Sites in Afghanistan Detected By Satellite" (28 Jul 17)

"Update: Mosul Post-ISIL Heritage Destruction and the Future of the City" (22 Jul 17)

"Hobby Lobby is making cultural preservation harder — and more dangerous" (19 Jul 17)

"Hobby Lobby to return artifacts allegedly smuggled from Iraq" (6 Jul 17)

"Benghazi police find historic books looted from university" (29 Jun 17)

"An initiative to tell the stories of Egypt’s aging Jewish community" (29 Jun 17)

"A Legacy in Ruins: What now for Iraq’s Mosul Museum, recently liberated from ISIS?" (7 Jun 17)

"History at Risk: 20,000 Archaeological Sites Threatened by Conflict" (6 Jun 17)

"How Mosul’s last librarian is preparing for when his city is free from Isis" (2 Jun 17)

"A new chapter in the story of Timbuktu’s manuscripts: Sample digitisation of materials from the Infa Yattara Family Library" (2 Jun 17)