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Below are links to current articles in newspapers, journals, websites, etc. that have news of direct interest to the CHAMP members. Older articles will be archived after three months.

Posting news items here does not mean that CHAMP is endorsing any one position, political movement, opinion, or idea. CHAMP members are strongly urged to consider carefully providing personal information about anyone currently working in conflict zones! We do not want to endanger people by giving information to terrorists. CHAMP is not responsible for what the news publishes, but we can be careful what we pass on!

"How Egypt plans to crack down on antiquities theft" (23 May 17)

"Egypt registers its Jewish artifacts" (23 May 17)

"Iraqi forces retake damaged Hatra heritage site from IS" (28 Apr 17)

"Asean moves forward with cultural cooperation" (28 Apr 17)

"‘Dignity itself’: Saving world heritage sites from ‘cultural cleansing’ won’t be easy" (28 Apr 17)

"Participants of Culture Summit 2017 stress importance of inclusion of heritage in school curricula" (28 Apr 17)

"Remote Sensing Applied to War-Torn Regions" (10 Apr 17)

"G7 culture ministers discuss threat of cultural trafficking" (2 Apr 17)

"U.S. Department of State and Smithsonian Partner on Emergency Cultural Heritage Work in Iraq" (2 Apr 17)

"Space Archaeologist Dr. Sarah Parcak Launches Her TED Prize Wish: GlobalXplorer" (26 Mar 17)

"Letters from Baghdad: Excavating the Story of the Extraordinary Gertrude Bell" (26 Mar 17)

"Saving Syria’s heritage: Archaeologists discover invisible solution" (21 Mar 17)

"Ancient Palace with Biblical Connections Discovered in Iraq" (19 Mar 17)