MilCHAG professionals
getting their hands dirty in the field!

Cultural Property Awareness Playing Cards
Playing cards are popular way to educate people about cultural heritage protection.

The Malwiya Minaret in Samarra, Iraq
Before and after damage

Painting of Bala Hisar
Many heritage sites are protected by military forces.
Would you have recognized the importance of these dirt mounds without the sign?
MilCHAG's reach-back capability can help with that
Matecce Maradonna
Unfortunately, many sites and monuments have been defaced by ignorant or malicious people.
Archaeological site
damaged by careless earth removal
Minaret of Baram Shah
Military forces are trained to operate around religious and cultural sites.

Manuscripts rescued from churches in northern Iraq
by Father (now Bishop) Najeeb Michael
Photo by Michael W. Albin

Manuscript rescued from churches in northern Iraq
Manuscript rescued from church in northern Iraq
under threat of being destroyed by ISIS
Photo by Michael W. Albin
Manuscript rescued from churches in northern Iraq
Military forces protect artifacts like the Lamassu from looting and desecration.

The Cultural Heritage by Archaeology and Military Panel (CHAMP) and Military Cultural Heritage Advisory Group (MilCHAG) collaborative groups are devoted to preserving and protecting the cultural heritage of all nations in conflict zones and natural disasters. Membership in both groups overlap, but CHAMP membership is broader and bigger. More military personnel (of all militaries) are members of MilCHAG. CHAMP has an interest in civilian education and job opportunities in conservation and preservation. MilCHAG focuses more on support to military forces while taking into account military objectives and priorities.

The groups are sharing this website due to their common objectives and resources. Clicking on the separate group tabs will provide information that is unique to those groups. Members are encouraged to post any relevant news items in the News tab; any event notices can also be posted in the Event tab. New reference material, education information, and job notices can be sent to CHAMP Secretary Laura Childs at to be posted. Any information specific to the MilCHAG can be sent to Dave Selnick at We welcome any suggestions for improving this website!