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News Archive: 2011

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"China: Tens of Thousands of ruins disappear’" (30 Dec 11)

"Looted dishes used in art project returned to Iraq" (14 Dec 11)

"How 3-D laser scanning preserves world’s most treasured sites" (27 Nov 11)

"Revolution offers chance for Libyan archaeology" (18 Nov 11)

"Looting of Libyan treasure highlights illicit antiquities trade" (11 Nov 11)

"A new mission in Libya: Prof Susan Kane leads program to preserve endangered sites in Cyrene." (10 Nov 11)

"Castles in the desert: Satellites reveal lost cities of Libya" (9 Nov 11)

"Arab nations aim to win back tourists" (9 Nov 11)

"Fall of Gaddafi opens a new era for the Sahara’s lost civilisations" (5 Nov 11)

"Looted Libyan Treasure – In Egypt’" (31 Oct 11)

"A Country, a People" (15 Oct 11)

"Media Release Libya 2011-09-30-1" (3 Oct 11)


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