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Military Cultural Heritage Advisory Group


News Archive: 2011

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"In Tripoli’s museum of antiquity only Gaddafi is lost in revolution" (11 Sep 11)

"Archaeology project aids injured personnel rehabilitation" (8 Sep 11)

"A call to protect Libyan antiquities and cultural heritage and economy" (8 Sep 11)

"Libya Combs priceless ruins for war damage" (7 Sep 11)

"Libya’s other wealth archaeological treasures" (4 Sep 11)

"UNESCO Director warns Libya against looting" (26 Aug 11)

"Director-General urges measures to protect Libya’s cultural heritage through period of transition" (25 Aug 11)

"Libyan rebels, allies implement plans to prevent anarchy in Tripoli" (25 Aug 11)

"Libya’s Ancient Greek ruins open for visitors" (21 Jul 11)

"Iraq harnesses technology to protect ancient treasures" (21 Jul 11)

"Copper mining will crush ancient Afgan site" (11 Jul 11)

"Arm museum guards to prevent looting, says professor" (10 Jul 11)

"US Returns recovered artifacts taken from Iraq" (7 Jul 11)