CHAMP Workshop at AIA Annual Meeting 2012, Philadelphia, PA

CHAMP held a workshop on 6 Jan 2012 at the AIA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Following is the workshop abstract plus descriptions of all the roundtables involved. Notes for each roundtable are linked to the descriptions below. Members should use them to continue the discussions on topics and to work towards completion of the action items. Each roundtable moderator will be responsible for the efforts of his/her group. All members are welcome to contribute towards the goals of any and all groups. Please pass questions and information directly to the moderators.

WORKSHOP TITLE: “Cultural Heritage Preservation in a Dangerous World – Revolutions and Humanitarian Crises.”

OVERALL DESCRIPTION: CHAMP members will participate in roundtable discussions on various aspects of cultural heritage preservation during humanitarian crises, political revolutions, and other disasters where military personnel may be involved. Group findings at the end of the workshop will be incorporated into an action plan for reference by military and academic organizations.


Education: Moderator – Dr. Lisa Kahn ( Discuss types of education (Professional Military Education, university programs, etc.), material, methods, and training aids that are available or in development for both military and academia.

Contingency Plans: Moderator – Capt Benjamin Roberts ( Develop contingency plans for immediate implementation (within 60-90 days) whenever crises occur.

Cultural heritage information: Moderator -Dr. Cori Wegener ( Development and availability of cultural heritage information such as GIS maps, site descriptions, and cultural property covered by 1954 Hague Conventions (such as museums, libraries, archives, religious sites, etc.) for military personnel to access easily.

International Military Cultural Heritage Working Group (ImCurWG) integration with and support to CHAMP/CHCAG: Moderator – Col Joris Kila ( Understand how ImCurWG can work with CHAMP and other groups to provide support in crises.

Original Research: Moderator – Dr. Philip Stinson ( Original research topics and ongoing projects in the areas of cultural heritage preservation and military operations.

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