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Military Cultural Heritage Advisory Group


News Archive: 2012

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"Syrian Conflict Imperils Historical Treasures" (15 Aug 12)

"Are we willing to die to save the past?" (15 Aug 12)

"Bamiyan Buddhas: Should they be rebuilt?" (12 Aug 12)

"Syria: Aleppo’s citadel damaged in clashe, eyewitnesses said" (10 Aug 12)

"Looted Afghan artefacts returned to Kabul" (5 Aug 12)

"Test flights ver Peru ruins could revolutionize archaeological mapping" (1 Aug 12)

"Dair Mar Elia, Musul, Iraq" (26 Jul 12)

"No bailout coming for European culture" (25 Jul 12)

"Illegal digs threaten Pakistan’ts Buddhist past" (23 Jul 12)

"Looted art returnes to Afghanistan" (19 Jul 12)

"Award-winning soldiers’ recovery project continues to break new ground" (17 Jul 12)

"Mali unites against Ansar Dine Islamists in Timbuktu" (17 Jul 12)

"Radical Islamists wage Muslim civil war in Africa" (14 Jul 12)

"Al-Qaida-Linked Group Infiltrates Timbuktu" (13 Jul 12)

"Curse of the Outcast Artifact" (12 Jul 12)

"Timbuktu Arabs set up armed watch at ancient tombs" (11 Jul 12)

"Muslims vs Archaeology" (9 Jul 12)