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News Archive: 2013

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"Growing concern over Syria heritage sites" (26 Dec 13)

"Buyer to return Hopi artefacts to Native Americans" (11 Dec 13)

"Libya to curb antiquties smuggling" (29 Nov 13)

"Destruction of antiquities a loss for all eternity" (27 Nov 13)

"Monuments Men’ veteran predicts more Nazi-seized art will surface" (21 Nov 13)

"Nazi trove in Munich contains unknown work by masters" (5 Nov 13)

"Egypt’s stolen heritage" (18 Oct 13)

"Looting extends to Giza Plateau" (26 Sep 13)

"Inventory from the Mallawi National Museum" (25 Sep 13)

"A call to protect Egypt’s monuments and heritage" (24 Sep 13)

"Warning: Looting of the Malawi National Museum in the Upper Egypt city of Minya" (24 Sep 13)

"545 artifacts looted in Mallawi museum recovered: source" (22 Sep 13)

"Interview: 2,000 artifacts stolen in Egypt since start of 2011 unrest: minister" (22 Sep 13)

"13 More objects from Mallawi museum are returned" (16 Sep 13)

"UNESCO Promotes Restoration of Looted Egyptian Museum" (16 Sep 13)

"Arrested suspect in Mallawi Museum robbery possessed 13 stolen artifacts" (16 Sep 13)

"Coptic archaeological site wrecked" (16 Sep 13)


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