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News Archive: 2014

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"Peru employs drones to search and explore pre-Incan archaeological sites" (24 Jul 14)

"ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul" (20 Jul 14)

"What can you do? Sharing Knowledge about Iraq’s vanishing cultural heritage" (20 Jul 14)

"Iraq’s ‘Exorcist’ temple falls into ISIS jihadist hands" (25 Jun 14)

"Monuments Men: A Baltimore writer learns her father helped in the search for Nazi plunder" (19 Jun 14)

"Egypt’s new antiquities minister optimistic in face of obstacles" (17 Jun 14)

"Egypt turns to technology in effort to protect ancient treasures from looters" (2 Jun 14)

"It’s Time to Stop Destruction of Middle East Heritage" (5 May 14)

"Conflict Antiquities blog: Will the Ukraine Forum on Asset Recovery (UFAR) trace looted cultural property?" (29 Apr 14)

"Egypt’s Population Boom Threatens Cultural Treasures" (18 Apr 14)

"Overcoming Looting and Years of Destruction, Iraq Museum Gets Ready to Reopen" (12 Apr 14)

"Preserving Iraq’s Cultural Heritage (Youtube; presentation by Dr. Brian Rose)" (20 Mar 14)

"Heritage protection key in conflicts (interview with Ben Isakhan)" (14 Mar 14)

"Tough battle to save Mid-East heritage (interview with Diane Siebrandt)" (12 Mar 14)


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