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News Archive: 2015

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"Newcastle University to establish UNESCO Chair for cultural protection" (7 Nov 15)

"It’s Official: SA Missions inscribed as World Heritage Site" (30 Oct 15)

"UNESCO says IS ‘terrified by history’ after Palmyra destruction" (30 Oct 15)

"Syrian jest pound Islamic State-held Palmyra" (2 Oct 15)

"Palmyra’s Temple of Bel destroyed, says UN" (7 Sep 15)

"Islamic State destroys a treasured Palmyra site" (7 Sep 15)

"What’s Better for Afghanistan’s Future: Buddha Tours or A Copper Mine?" (7 Sep 15)

"Archaeologists plan to use 3D imagery to preserve antiquities under threat from Islamic State" (7 Sep 15)

"Islamic State militants blow up temple in ancient city of Palmyra" (7 Sep 15)

"Up From the Ashes, A Public Library in Sri Lanka Welcomes New Readers" (7 Sep 15)

"Syria says Islamic State militants beheaded a noted archaeologist" (7 Sep 15)

"Islamic State militants behead archaeologist in Palmyra: Syrian official" (7 Sep 15)

"A protector of Syria’s ancient past executed by Islamic State militants" (7 Sep 15)

"“Syrian archaeologist ‘killed in Palmyra’ by IS militants" (7 Sep 15)

"UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova deplores the loss of two leading scholars of Syrian antiquity" (7 Sep 15)

"What was in Osama Bin Laden’s tape collection?" (7 Sep 15)

"Masons rebuild Timbuktu after militant destruction" (7 Sep 15)

"“Islamic State militants behead archaeologist in Palmyra: Syrian official”" (19 Aug 15)

"“Destroyed Holy Sites Find New Life Online”" (21 Jul 15)


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