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Military Cultural Heritage Advisory Group


News Archive: 2015

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"“Iraq receives artifacts found by U.S. Special Forces in Syria”" (21 Jul 15)

"“Slaughter in the Roman Amphitheatre”" (8 Jul 15)

"“Real-Life Indiana Jones Vs. ISIS”" (8 Jul 15)

"“ISIS Destroys More Artifacts in Syria and Iraq”" (8 Jul 15)

"San Antonio’s historic Missions gain World Heritage recognition" (8 Jul 15)

"Islamic State militants ‘destroy Palmyra statues’" (8 Jul 15)

"“Syrian heritage initiative report on the importance of Palmyra”" (30 Jun 15)

"“Yemeni Heritage, Saudi Vandalism”" (30 Jun 15)

"“Islamic State crisis: ‘Mines planted in Syria’s Palmyra'”" (24 Jun 15)

"“Britain signs convention on protecting treasures in war zones”" (24 Jun 15)

"“Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy That Ancient Artifact”" (21 Jun 15)

"“Syrians face global war to preserve their monuments, antiquities, and museums GM asserts”" (21 Jun 15)

"“‘Blood antiquities’: a wound the world struggles to staunch”" (21 Jun 15)

"“The unbelievable damage Islamic State has done to ancient sites in Iraq and Syria”" (21 Jun 15)

"“Save our stones”" (21 Jun 15)

"“How ISIS funds activities through sale of ancient artifacts”" (21 Jun 15)

"“From the archive, 12 June 1926: A trip to Palmyra in Syria”" (21 Jun 15)

"“UNESCO condemns Yemen heritage site ‘air strike'”" (21 Jun 15)