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News Archive: 2016

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"Arte antica in cambio di armi, affari d’oro in Italia per l’asse fra Isis e ’ndrangheta" (12 Dec 16)

"Looted Palmyra relics seized by Swiss authorities at Geneva ports" (3 Dec 16)

"UAE hosts global push to save antiquities from conflict" (3 Dec 16)

"IS damage to Iraqi ancient city of Nimrud" (18 Nov 16)

"Iconic Ancient Sites Ravaged in ISIS’s Last Stand in Iraq" (18 Nov 16)

"Europe joins forces in cultural heritage investigation" (18 Nov 16)

"Replicas Of Artifacts Destroyed By ISIS ‘Rising From Destruction’ In Rome" (15 Oct 16)

"The Big Business of Looted Antiquities" (28 Aug 16)

"Smithsonian, other agencies protect artifacts in Iraq, Syria" (24 Aug 16)

"International Criminal Court brings a cultural vandal to justice" (24 Aug 16)

"Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Bill: A summary" (1 Aug 16)

"Demolition Of Timbuktu’s Cultural Sites Spurs War-Crimes Trial At The Hague" (3 Mar 16)

"WATCH: Stephen Colbert’s Fascinating Interview With Pyramid-Discovering ‘Space Archaeologist’ Sarah Parcak" (15 Jan 16)


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