Army seeking applicants to become Heritage & Preservation Civil Affairs Officers

The US Army has published its job description for Heritage and Preservation Civil Affairs Officers. This new position has the SI (Skill Identifier) 6V and is within the new specialty (G) series within Civil Affairs. It says this position becomes effective in October 2019. Here is the full posting for the position:

Department of the Army
Pamphlet 611-21 (Smartbook)
End of Fiscal Year 2017
Personnel Selection and Classification
Military Occupational
Classification and Structure
Department of the Army
Washington, DC
1 November 2018
Prepared by Military Personnel & Structure Division (DAPE-PRP),

Code: 6V (Effective 201910)
Title: Heritage & Preservation
a. Description of positions. Identifies positions requiring knowledge and experience in administrating and managing activities regarding the safeguarding and preservation of cultural property.
b. Qualifications.
(1) Requires a master’s degree or higher, from a regionally accredited college or university, in anthropology, archeology, or other related fields of study; and a minimum of 36 months of civilian experience in cultural heritage.
(2) Validation of qualifications will be made by the Commandant, Civil Affairs Branch (AOJK-CA) of the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Ft Bragg, NC.
c. Restrictions. For use with any AOC (all components) in grades CPT-COL.

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