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News Archive: 2019

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"A quest to restore cultural heritage in Iraq, one site at a time" (26 Nov 19)

"The US Army Is Launching a 21st-Century Version of the Monuments Men to Protect Cultural Heritage in War-Torn Regions" (4 Nov 19)

"Don’t Trust the Taliban With Afghanistan’s Cultural Preservation" (29 Jul 19)

"3D printing helps cultural heritage destroyed by Islamic State roar back to life" (29 Jul 19)

"3-D printing recreates ancient sculpture destroyed by ISIS" (29 Jul 19)

"On World Heritage Day, explore historic sites in 3D" (19 Apr 19)

"Notre-Dame de Paris" (18 Apr 19)

"London Book Fair: Rebuilding the University of Mosul Library" (20 Mar 19)

"Ancient artefacts looted from Iraq are finally returned home" (16 Mar 19)

"Algeria museum vandalised during protests: ministry" (16 Mar 19)

"Yemen Asks U.S. for Help to Curb Smuggling of Looted Ancient Artifacts" (8 Mar 19)

"FBI Seizes Stolen Artifacts and Thousands of Bones From Indiana Home" (7 Mar 19)

"FBI Seeks to Identify Rightful Owners in Cultural Artifacts Case" (4 Mar 19)


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