Summer School on Heritage Protection in Urban Conflicts, 3-14 August, Copenhagen

Heritage Protection in Urban Conflicts

An international summer school (BA and MA-levels, 7.5 ECTS) at University of Copenhagen, 3rd of August to 14th of August 2020. Deadline for applications: 1st of April 2020. 

During this summer school in Copenhagen, students from around the world get an opportunity to learn and discuss the practical solutions to the main risks to cultural heritage in modern urban conflict, giving them the tools to formulate their own research-project on this issue.

This course will focus on the humanitarian issue of ensuring the effective protection of our common cultural heritage during armed conflict, as well as the various actors at play in securing its enforcement. The course will first provide an historical and theoretical overview of the longstanding relationship between culture and conflict and key literature on cultural rights, after which it will delve into the practical application of international law on the protection of cultural heritage, particularly in the context of armed conflict.

Benefiting from teaching and public talks from key practitioners in the field of heritage protection, students will develop a strong understanding of the role of various parties such as the UN, UNESCO, NATO, as well as other military forces in the implementation of safeguarding measures during both peacetime and armed conflict, particularly via the harnessing of civil society.

The course will also focus on how heritage professionals and academics are attempting to instil in the military mindset, the humanitarian importance of cultural heritage protection, and ensure it becomes and remains an integral part of military operational planning. As a group, we will consider the main challenges the heritage community face in ensuring active global implementation of heritage protection during peacetime and armed conflict, and consider practical solutions for these problems.


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