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News Archive: 2020

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"The Pentagon Is Funding the Destruction of Cultural Heritage" (21 Sep 20)

"Treasure Hunters Destroy 2,000-Year-Old Heritage Site in Sudan" (6 Sep 20)

"AIA Announces New Plans For Its Virtual Annual Meeting" (22 Aug 20)

"Revealed: Thousands of looted artefacts from Middle East sold in Europe via social media" (25 Jun 20)

"Facebook bans sale of historical artefacts in anti-looting crackdown" (25 Jun 20)

"Nazi diary reveals a secret location of WWII treasure under a palace in Poland" (3 Jun 20)

"AIA Statement on Archaeology and Social Justice" (3 Jun 20)

"Authorities Recover 19,000 Artifacts in International Antiquities Sting" (9 May 20)

"AIA Statement on Archaeology and COVID-19" (27 Apr 20)

"The Army Is Looking for a Few Good Art Experts" (30 Jan 20)

"A Shipwreck Off Florida’s Coast Pits Archaeologists Against Treasure Hunters" (26 Jan 20)

"De-weaponizing Culture: ARCA Offers Scholarships for Military-Affiliated CPP Reservists and Civilians" (13 Jan 20)

"1,400 Ancient Cuneiform Tablets Identified from Lost City of Irisagrig in Iraq. Were They Stolen?" (8 Jan 20)

"AIA Statement Condemning Intentional Targeting of Iranian Cultural Heritage Sites" (7 Jan 20)


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