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Stigler Lecture on Conflict Damage to Cultural Heritage Sites in Syria, Iraq and Libya, March 14

The Department of Anthropology at the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences will present a lecture, “Analyzing Conflict Damage to Cultural Heritage from Above: Results from the ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives in Syria, Iraq, and Libya,” by Susan Penacho at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 14, as part of the Robert L. Stigler Lecture in Anthropology and Archaeology series. Link https://news.uark.edu/articles/46365/stigler-lecture-on-conflict-damage-to-cultural-heritage-sites-in-syria-iraq-and-libya-march-14

IFR Military Veterans Scholarship

Military Heritage Partial Scholarship

In an effort to bring more military-focused voices into the art crime and illicit trafficking milieu the Association for Research into Crimes against Art is offering a €1500 partial scholarship with shared housing for up to 3 Champs members. For more information on the postgraduate certificate program in art crime and cultural heritage protection, please… Read More

Annual Meeting of Lawyers Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation

The  Lawyers Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation will hold its 9th Annual Meeting on 13 Apr 2018, from 8:00am – 6:00pm. Venue is the Georgetown University Law Center, in Washington, D.C. The Call for Paper Submissions is now open to anyone wishing to make a presentation. Proposals are open until 13 Jan 2018. Please submit… Read More

Statement by the Archaeological Institute of America in Opposition to the National Monument Creation and Protection Act, H.R. 3990

In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law, the first major legislation intended to protect and preserve archaeological sites and artifacts in the United States. The Archaeological Institute of America played a key role in drafting and promoting the Antiquities Act. Recognizing that archaeological looting threatened the heritage of the United States,… Read More

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