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Cultural Heritage by Archaeology & Military Panel

Military Cultural Heritage Advisory Group



Events of CHAMP and MilCHAG Members and Other Organizations

Events include conferences, working groups, academic symposia, and lectures that are open to both military and civilians. Forthcoming events logistics should include dates, places, times, contact information, descriptions, website links, maps, etc.

CHAMP Colloquium at AIA Annual Meeting, 2018, Boston, MA

2018 AIA ANNUAL MEETING Boston, MA 4-7 JAN Don’t miss the CHAMP colloquium at the AIA Annual Meeting! Come hear all the activities your friends and colleagues are doing in the efforts to preserve cultural heritage in conflict zones. Early registration at discount prices for the AIA Annual Meeting is being offered until 13 Nov…. Read More

CHAMP Colloquium at AIA Annual Meeting, 2017, Toronto, Ontario

2017 AIA ANNUAL MEETING Toronto, Ontario Saturday, 7 JAN TITLE:  Current Events and Heritage Protection:  Efforts to Protect Culture at Risk MODERATOR:  Laurie Rush, U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield This session offers an opportunity to update colleagues on issues related to heritage in crisis areas. Tragically, in today’s world, events are overtaking even the… Read More

CHAMP Colloquium at AIA Annual Meeting, 2016, San Francisco, CA

2016 AIA ANNUAL MEETING SAN FRANCISCO, CA Saturday, 9 JAN 2016   Title: New Developments in Cultural Property Protection in Conflict Zones Organizers: Dr. Nancy Wilkie, Dr. Laurie Rush, and Ms. Laura Childs Discussant: Dr. Nancy Wilkie, Carleton University This colloquium explores some of the new programs and processes developed to protect cultural property in… Read More

CHAMP Colloquium at AIA Annual Meeting 2015, New Orleans, LA

Session 6G: Sat, 10 Jan, 1:45-4:45pm CHAMP COLLOQUIUM ON BUILDING CAPACITY FOR GLOBAL CULTURAL PROPERTY PROTECTION TITLE: “Building Capacity For Global Cultural Property Protection” DISCUSSANT: Dr. Laurie Rush, US Army Cultural Resource Manager PARTICIPANTS: Ms. Corinne Wegener, Smithsonian Institution; Dr. Sarah Parcak; Dr. Laura D’Alessandro and Dr. Gil Stein; Dr. Jeffrey Altschul; Dr. Katharyn Hanson,… Read More

CHAMP Colloquium at AIA Annual Meeting 2014, Chicago, IL

ABSTRACT FOR 2014 PAPER SESSION “PROTECTING ARCHAEOLOGY IN CONFLICT ZONES” LEADERS: Dr. C. Brian Rose, University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Fredrik Hiebert, National Geographic. PARTICIPANTS: Ms. Corine Wegener, Smithsonian Institution; Dr. Laurie Rush, Ft Drum Archaeologist; Dr. James Zeidler, Combatant Command (COCOM) Cultural Heritage Action Group; Dr. Doug Park, ERM; Dr…. Read More