Cultural Property Awareness Playing Cards
Playing cards are popular way to educate people about cultural heritage protection.
Painting of Bala Hisar
Many heritage sites are protected by military forces.
Matecce Maradonna
Unfortunately, many sites and monuments have been defaced by ignorant or malicious people.
Minaret of Baram Shah
Military forces are trained to operate around religious and cultural sites.
Military forces protect artifacts like the Lamassu from looting and desecration.

The Cultural Heritage by Archaeology and Military Panel (CHAMP) is an interest group composed of archaeologists, anthropologists, scientists, interested lay people and military personnel from around the world. All of them are dedicated to improving awareness among deploying military personnel regarding the culture and history of local communities in host countries and war zones. Education and training of military personnel is a critical step in preserving and safeguarding historical sites and cultural artifacts. It promotes greater understanding and improved relations with local communities. At the same time, professional archaeologists, other scientists, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations will gain a better understanding of military organizations and personnel and their operational needs for cultural information.