Education Roundtable

Summary of Education Discussion

Moderator: Lisa Kahn

Participants: Sarah Bergman, Gregory Roth, Allison Thompson, Caroline Pentabona, Andrew Connor, Amy Oechsner, Emily Maus, John Valainis

 Following the presentations of panelists, this group carried on two discussions.  One of these discussions focused on how to implement ROTC training and the other discussed additional means of communication as well as various target groups that should be considered.

 ·         ROTC Training: Contact with Education officers of the AIA was adopted as a means to gain access through their contact lists with Subject Specialists on or near campuses with ROTC departments.  Training for these trainers would be achieved through MilCHAG online materials and members who would make contacts and schedule campus visits for the Subject Specialists.

 ·         Identification of Subject Specialists within the AIA:  a survey several years ago asked members to self- identify, although the status of this survey was unknown.  It was suggested that perhaps another AIA survey might be necessary. 

 ·         Continued training sessions on military bases was discussed with the recommendation that a map be made showing bases and AIA chapters to facilitate recruitment of Subject Specialists in the areas of the bases.

 ·         It was also suggested that via the AIA, specialists working in foreign countries could be called upon to also create and implement educational training for deployed military in their subject countries, when possible.  This might go through ESO’s on the bases.

 ·         An open conference on CPP for military and civilians (academics) was recommended.

 ·         Further educational outreach was suggested which would focus on military families on bases and the DoD schools.  It was also felt that there is a role for museum education and outreach.

 ·         How is all this going?  It was recommended that there be assessment of the training efforts, possibly through the social and cultural programs in the social and language centers of each branch of the military.