MilCHAG works with alliance partners and subject matter experts to create strategies, deliver products and services and develop new initiatives that promote the consideration of Cultural Property Protection (CPP) during all DoD operations and undertakings.

MilCHAG’s Partnership with USCBS

MilCHAG co-founder Laurie Rush serves on the board of directors of the U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield, a nonprofit organization committed to the protection of cultural property worldwide during armed conflict … Read more→

MilCHAG’s Partnership with CHAMP

The Cultural Heritage by Archaeology and Military Panel  (CHAMP) is dedicated to improving awareness among deploying military personnel regarding the culture and history of local communities in host countries and conflict zones.… Read more →

MilCHAG’s Partnership with IMCuRWG

The International Military Cultural Resources Working Group (IMCuRWG), founded by Dr. J. D. (Joris) Kila at the University of Amsterdam Institute for Culture and History, is a consortium of cultural heritage professionals working within the military context. Dr. Kila is a Senior Researcher… Read more →

Our alignment with subject matter experts and cultural property specialists who operate within various U.S. government agencies, at cultural resource management firms and at academic institutions and non-governmental organizations enables MilCHAG to offer a compelling value proposition that delivers on the promise of CPP.