CPP Training for COCOMs

MilCHAG creates CPP training and awareness raising materials and collaborates with COCOM personnel to support unit training and increase awareness of practical requirements and legal obligations to protect cultural property in every country and region where DOD operates. MilCHAG’s training goals are to:

  1. Improve situational awareness to minimize damage to cultural and heritage property, consistent with current Rules of Engagement;
  2. Provide experience that involves cultural and heritage property during Full Spectrum Operations (with in-theater training; by developing MSELs for use during military exercises; and by creating mock cultural property and archaeological sites for training purposes);
  3. Provide Air Force and Navy Pilots with heritage training avoidance practice in the training environment (with in-theater training and by creating replica targets for aerial gunnery practice);
  4. Promote awareness of national and international laws that protect cultural property in every host nation where DOD operates;
  5. Discourage the purchase of antiquities or other protected cultural property while operating in-theater;
  6. Discourage unnecessary damage to heritage property while operating in-theater;
  7. Improve awareness of host national cultural heritage, promote respect among local populations;
  8. Share tactics and techniques for using Cultural Property Protection (CPP) as a force multiplier and an effective use of “soft power” which advances DOD’s Cultural Intelligence goals.

By leveraging Fort Drum’s well-recognized program for training U.S. military personnel in historical and cultural property protection, MilCHAG provides training materials for COCOMS to close the ‘knowledge gap” and deliver effective heritage planning and training for deploying personnel and to personnel operating in-theater.

MilCHAG presentations make best use of time spent and feature localized content and examples suitable for any COCOM or JF audience. To view examples, click the video below or any of the images to the right: