Products That Serve

Mapping and GIS Data
COCOM and Joint Force decision makers need an always-current database of the terrain within their area of responsibility — including all relevant environmental and historical/cultural resource data, with site names and coordinates… Read more →

Master Scenario Events List
The Master Scenario Events List, also known as the Mission Scenario Event List or Master Sequence of Events List, is a context-based training scenario that is woven into a training exercise… Read more →

Mock Training Assets and Sites
Preservation of archaeological sites and cultural properties on military lands and in the U.S. and theaters of operation outside the U.S. is an essential element to every mission and training exercise. The 17-page booklet… Read more →

Outreach and Support Materials
MilCHAG creates a variety of outreach and support materials that increase cultural heritage awareness, deepen our understanding of the military’s role in cultural heritage protection, and demonstrate our leadership in … Read more →

MilCHAG subject matter experts create easy-to-understand Powerpoint presentations for training or awareness raising purposes. MilCHAG presentations make best use of time spent, and feature localized content and examples suitable for any COCOM or Joint Force audience. …. Read more →