Master Scenario Events List

The Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) — also known as the Mission Scenario Events List or Master Sequence of Events List — is a context-based training scenario with a sequence of expected actions and scripted events that are woven into a training exercise to illustrate a particular lesson or training objective.

MilCHAG enhances CPP awareness by providing MSELs that include situations involving historical or cultural property that war planners, OICs and ground forces may encounter during conflict situations in heritage-rich nations and regions.

For Exercise Bright Star 2009 (multinational training exercises conducted in Egypt), MilCHAG developed eight MSELs with realistic scenarios that USCENTCOM, USARCENT/Third Army, Egyptian Armed Forces and Allied forces may encounter during the exercise to learn proper tactics and procedures when encountering cultural property during armed conflict. Each MSEL provided:

  • the training objective or theme;
  • the scenario the troops would encounter (expected event or series of events);
  • the recommended response (specific action, series of actions or alternatives consistent with Rules of Engagement); and
  • the “implementer” or trigger for taking the described action.

Master Scenario Events Lists provided by MilCHAG for use in the 2009 Exercise Bright Star (joint training exercises in Egypt) offered realistic scenarios that US, Egyptian and Allied armed forces may encounter during conflict situations where archaeological sites or other cultural properties are present.

One MSEL involved the challenges that troops will face during a military engagement at a sacred site. Another MSEL involved a platoon encountering a team of armed looters at an archaeological site who open fire on the platoon. Another MSEL offered troops the basic “do’s” and “dont’s” when bedding down near an archaeological site. Another MSEL offered a scenario in which an adversary makes first military use of a cultural or sacred site.

By including cultural property protection issues into military exercises with MSEL training, the likelihood of error during armed conflict in heritage-rich regions is reduced and situational awareness on the battlefield is enhanced while meeting important obligations under US law, host nation law, international law and DoD cultural resources policy.