For Exercise Bright Star

MilCHAG subject matter experts provided CPP Reach Back Support for USCENTCOM and USARCENT/Third Army serving in Exercise Bright Star 2009 in Egypt.  This exercise included scenarios and situations involving Egyptian cultural property sites and monuments (see Master Scenario Events List examples created for these exercises by MilCHAG).

The Exercise Bright Star 2009 Reach Back Support resource provided:

  1. The basic “Do’s” and “Dont’s” of Cultural Property Protection;
  2. The doctrine, theory and application of Cultural Property Protection;
  3. DoD regulations and International / Egyptian / U.S. laws that govern the preservation, import and export of Egyptian cultural property;
  4. A historical timeline and illustrated tour of Egypt’s cultural heritage;
  5. A brief quiz to test what the online visitor has learned about CPP.