Services That Protect

Satellite Imagery Analysis

DoD mission planners need the right tools, technologies and expertise in order to maintain a complete understanding of the mission landscape. The ability to identify areas of local importance in unfamiliar host nations with a high reliability… Read more →

Military Lands Sustainability Training

The breadth and complexity of military land management dictates that current and future professionals be knowledgeable of the rapidly evolving practices, technologies and analytical tools that support the mission … Read more →

Policy Research

MilCHAG is committed to critical thinking on issues relating to Cultural Property Protection (CPP) by US Forces and conducts research that informs environmental and related policies, regulations and guidelines within DoD. We also share… Read more →

CPP Bibliographical Database

With more than 1,300 books, journal articles and white papers, fully annotated  covering every aspect of historical and cultural property protection within the context of military operation, this downloadable database…. Read more →

ICOM Red Lists

Compiled by the International Council of Museums, the Red Lists classify the most endangered categories of cultural property in the most vulnerable areas of the world, in an effort to prevent them being illegally exported. This valuable resource… Read more →