CPP Bibliographical Database

MIlCHAG provides a comprehensive bibliography of more than 1,300 books, journal articles and white papers with annotations covering every aspect of Historical and Cultural Property Protection within the context of military operations in a downloadable database.

The bibliographic database is an ENDNOTE file created and annotated by CEMML Research Associate Alexandra Wallace (Colorado State University) with substantial bibliographic input from Dr. Patrizia LaPiscopia (University of Dublin).

The database is contained in a .zip archive, which you can download and access using your local computer by clicking the link below.

Click to Download the MilCHAG Cultural Property Protection andMilitary Operations Annotated Bibliographic Database

ENDNOTE X4 or ENDNOTE X5 is required to access the database.

The MilCHAG Cultural Property Protection and Military Operations Annotated Bibliography is a database of more than 1,300 bibliographic citations and links that can be downloaded to the user’s computer and accessed using EndNote X4 or EndNote X5

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