Policy Research

MilCHAG is committed to critical thinking on issues relating to Cultural Property Protection (CPP) by U.S. Forces and conducts research that informs environmental and related policies, regulations and guidelines within the Department of Defense. We also share our findings within DoD and the academic community to foster awareness of CPP issues.

In August 2009 our CPP recommendations were accepted for inclusion in Chapter 6 [“Historical and Cultural Preservation”] of the USCENTCOM Contingency Environmental Guidance: Environmental Quality Regulation (R 200-2), which contains essential guidance, best management practices and environmental enforcement capability for heritage preservation for U.S. base camps and all contingency operations within the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility.

USCENTCOM Command Engineer (CCJ4-E) served as proponent for this new regulation. USCENTCOM thus became the first Combatant Command with an environmental regulation that includes historical/cultural property protection in its official guidance.

By including Cultural Property Protection in Chapter 6, USCENTCOM R 200-2 served as a blueprint for adding CPP to the official environmental regulation of every Combatant Command.

MilCHAG’s policy research and recommendations have a single goal: to protect and enhance respect for the cultural heritage and cultural property of every nation in which DoD operates