Current News

Below are links to current articles in newspapers, journals, websites, etc. that have news of direct interest to the CHAMP and MilCHAG members. Older articles will be archived after six months.

Posting news items here does not mean that CHAMP or MilCHAG is endorsing any one position, political movement, opinion, or idea. CHAMP and MilCHAG members are strongly urged to consider carefully providing personal information about anyone currently working in conflict zones! We do not want to endanger people by giving information to terrorists. CHAMP and MilCHAG are not responsible for what the news publishes, but we can be careful what we pass on!

"An ancient treasure may be returned to Iraq. Many others are still lost." (2 Aug 21)

"Archaeologists Should Be Activists Too" (31 Jul 21)

"Hobby Lobby Forfeits Rare Gilgamesh Tablet Smuggled From Iraq" (31 Jul 21)

"When the Monuments Men Pushed Back Against the US to Protect Priceless Art" (19 Jul 21)

"A Mission for Father Stewart: From Kathmandu to Timbuktu, an American monk travels the world to safeguard invaluable treasure – ancient documents that tell humanity’s story" (23 May 21)

"As the Taliban rises, uncertainty looms for Afghanistan’s historic treasures" (22 May 21)

"Eisenhower strike group exercise with Morocco builds trust and expertise in strategic region" (11 Mar 21)

"Afghan Buddha in virtual return, 20 years after Taliban destroyed" (10 Mar 21)