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181. Shah Tepe

Variant Name (includes): Nayibabad

Samanghan Province. Approximately 23 kilometers northwest of Tashkurghan, to the north of the road that connects Tashkurghan and Mazar-i Sharif (between mile marks 389 and 391 km): a zone of tepes or low mounds called Tepe Shah, the name given to largest of them.

Dates:  Epi-paleolithic, 7th millennium BC;
           Early Iron Age, late 2nd - early 1st millennium BC;
           Traces of Pre-Mongol Islamic, 10th-13th century AD;
           and Timurid habitation, 15th-16th century AD

A). One and one-half kilometers north along the Tashqurghan/ Mazar-i Sharif Road, at the maximum kilometric distance from Kabul (391), a long tepe or mound measuring 600 x 300m, oriented on an East-West axis, was very run-down (height 3 meters) when last seen;

(B). Numerous hilly areas can be seen for up to 2 kilometers from the tepe, mainly in the southeast and southwest sectors: those that have been visited are located 2.3 km to the east-northeast, 0.8 km to the south-southeast, 1.2 km to the south, and 1.5 km to the west-southwest.

(C). Two small tepes, slightly elevated, with vestiges of pottery furnaces, have been recovered 1.2 km to the south-southeast and 1.2 km southeast of Tepe A, a short distance north of the Tashqurghan/Mazar-i Sharif Road, where the road divides towards the village of Nayibabad, one finds three hilly areas, towards the direction of the Burat Tepe, which undoubtedly formed with Shah Tepe a single large community during the Iron Age. The entire region is covered with shards, glass fragments and iron slags.

Site description by Ph. Gouin, in Warwick Ball, Archaeological Gazetter of Afghanistan, n. 1056

  36° 47' - 36º 48' N
  36.791667° N
  66° 57' - 67º 00' E

66.975000° E


Shah Tepe is located at the above coordinates on JOG map 1501CNJ4213_geo.pdf