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News Archive: Afghanistan

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"Don’t Trust the Taliban With Afghanistan’s Cultural Preservation" (29 Jul 19)

"Islamic State destruction renews debate over repatriation of antiquities" (31 Mar 15)

"Saving Relics, Afghans Defy the Taliban" (12 Jan 14)

"Who’s stealing Afghanistan’s cultural treasures ?" (1 Aug 13)

"Afghan mine delays at ancient site delights archaeologists" (23 May 13)

"A Chinese Threat to Afghan’s Buddhas" (24 Apr 13)

"Afghan Troops told not to take revenge for NATO cultural offenses" (1 Oct 12)

"Ancient site needs saving not destroying" (24 Sep 12)

"Bamiyan Buddhas: Should they be rebuilt?" (12 Aug 12)

"Looted Afghan artefacts returned to Kabul" (5 Aug 12)

"Looted art returnes to Afghanistan" (19 Jul 12)

"Muslims vs Archaeology" (9 Jul 12)

"Trafficking in Antiquities in a Time of War" (5 Jun 12)

"Expert Working Group releases recommendations for Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan" (14 Feb 12)

"Afghanistan’s Cultural Riches Threatened by Mineral Wealth" (8 Feb 12)

"Ancient Jewish Scrolls Found in North Afghanistan" (22 Jan 12)


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