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News Archive: Egypt

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"Ansana Dynamited (Photos)" (15 Sep 13)

"Looting in South Saqqara (Photos)" (15 Sep 13)

"Sinai’s St. Catherine’s Starves, Monastery Shuts Down" (12 Sep 13)

"History goes up in smoke at Egypt’s sacked Mallawi museum" (2 Sep 13)

"Unwiederbringliche Verluste (Interview with Cornelius von Pilgrim, Swiss Institute in Cairo)" (2 Sep 13)

"More objects from the looted museum of Mallawi returned" (1 Sep 13)

"Ancient Egyptian objects recovered" (31 Aug 13)

"Ancient Egyptian objects recovered in Mit-Rahina" (28 Aug 13)

"Mallawi Museum gold coins recovered" (28 Aug 13)

"Photos of the First Operations of Salvaging Mallawi Museum" (26 Aug 13)

"More looted objects from Malawi National Museum recovered" (25 Aug 13)

"UNESCO Concerned for Egypt" (20 Aug 13)

"UNESCO Chief: Recent Lootings cause irreversible damage to Egyptian identity" (20 Aug 13)

"Egyptian Museum, Pyramids Closed for Second Day" (20 Aug 13)

"Ministry of Antiquities compiles report for UNESCO and ICOM" (20 Aug 13)

"UNESCO Condemns Looting in Egypt" (20 Aug 13)

"10 more objects returned of the looted museum of Mallawi" (20 Aug 13)

"Malawi National Museum Looting Condemned by UNESCO Amid Fears Ghypt’s Cultural Heritage is in Danger" (20 Aug 13)