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News Archive: Greece

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"Amid Greek austerity, plunder of priceless treasures" (19 Jul 13)

"Thousands of Greek antiquities repatriated from Germany" (29 May 13)

"As crisis bites, illegal digs are on the rise" (19 Jun 12)

"Greek archaeologists plead for help to protect heritage" (15 Mar 12)

"Counting of Looted (Greek) Antiquities Complete" (6 Mar 12)

"Arrests in Greek antiquities smuggling ring" (3 Mar 12)

"Extra Security Measures for Greek Museums After Two Thefts" (24 Feb 12)

"Papademos Rejects Minister’s Resignation Over Museum Theft" (23 Feb 12)

"Museum robbed at Greece’s Ancient Olympia" (17 Feb 12)

"Culture Minister quits over Olympia Museum burglary" (17 Feb 12)

"Robbery at Ancient Olympia museum" (17 Feb 12)

"Armed Robbers steal 70 relics from museum in Olympia, Greece" (17 Feb 12)

"Greece: Robbers raid Olympic museum, steal artifacts" (17 Feb 12)


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