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News Archive: Iraq

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"A quest to restore cultural heritage in Iraq, one site at a time" (26 Nov 19)

"3D printing helps cultural heritage destroyed by Islamic State roar back to life" (29 Jul 19)

"3-D printing recreates ancient sculpture destroyed by ISIS" (29 Jul 19)

"A Struggle To Secure Iraq’s Shared Past, and Perhaps It’s Future" (9 Apr 15)

"Archaeologists in Iraq defy militants" (7 Apr 15)

"Iconoclasm redefined (opinion)" (6 Apr 15)

"Ancient cities destroyed by modern madness" (1 Apr 15)

"Islamic State destruction renews debate over repatriation of antiquities" (31 Mar 15)

"The Assyrian Head Repatriation: Filling in the Details of ICE’s investigation" (19 Mar 15)

"US returns Iraq treasures as IS threatens heritage" (16 Mar 15)

"Widespread condemnation after IS bulldozes ancient Iraq city" (13 Mar 15)

"ISIS Attacks Nimrud, a Major Archaeological Site" (5 Mar 15)

"New IS video shows militants smashing ancient Iraq artifacts" (26 Feb 15)

"Cultural protector advises DOD on historic sites in fight with Islamic State" (15 Feb 15)

"Russia pushes UN to cut off Islamic State funds" (4 Feb 15)

"The best Middle East political science books of 2014" (29 Dec 14)

"The Black Market Battleground: Degrading and Destroying ISIS Could Take Place in the Halls of Sotheby’s, Not the Pentagon" (27 Oct 14)

"The Islamic State sells ‘blood antiquities’ from Iraq and Syria to raise money" (14 Sep 14)