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News Archive: Iraq

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"The Plight of Iraq’s Yazidis in Ninewa Province" (1 Sep 14)

"The Islamic State isn’t just killing people. It’s destroying a culture" (22 Aug 14)

"Islamic militants destroy historic 14th century mosque in Mosul" (28 Jul 14)

"Jihadists in Iraq Erase Cultural Heritage" (25 Jul 14)

"ISIS Destroys ‘Jonah’s Tomb’ in Mosul" (24 Jul 14)

"ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul" (20 Jul 14)

"What can you do? Sharing Knowledge about Iraq’s vanishing cultural heritage" (20 Jul 14)

"Iraq’s ‘Exorcist’ temple falls into ISIS jihadist hands" (25 Jun 14)

"It’s Time to Stop Destruction of Middle East Heritage" (5 May 14)

"Overcoming Looting and Years of Destruction, Iraq Museum Gets Ready to Reopen" (12 Apr 14)

"Preserving Iraq’s Cultural Heritage (Youtube; presentation by Dr. Brian Rose)" (20 Mar 14)

"U.S. troops saved art as the ‘Monuments Men’ of Iraq" (17 Feb 14)

"Looted Iraqi museum hopes to reopen, minus many relics" (17 Jan 14)

"Archaeologists Uncover : 4,000-Year-Old Site in Biblical Abraham’s Hometown of Ur" (4 Apr 13)

"Dair Mar Elia, Musul, Iraq" (26 Jul 12)

"Modern curses threaten Iraq’s ancient wonder of Babylon" (2 Jul 12)