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News Archive: Libya

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"Leptis Magna: War-torn Libya’s forgotten ancient Roman city" (18 Mar 15)

"Libyan archaeology threatened by years of violence" (28 Jan 15)

"Cultural heritage: Save Libyan archaeology" (28 Jan 15)

"The beautiful, historic shrines that Islamists try to destroy" (25 Jul 14)

"It’s Time to Stop Destruction of Middle East Heritage" (5 May 14)

"Libya to curb antiquties smuggling" (29 Nov 13)

"Libya Sufi shrines attacked by Islamist hardliners’" (25 Aug 12)

"The Libyan Job: Insiders Used War to Steal Priceless Artifacts" (16 Mar 12)

"Islamists rampage British World War II cemeterey in Benghazi, Libya" (29 Feb 12)

"Protecting Libya’s heritage (Nato press release of Joris Kila’s and Karl von Habsburg’s trip to Libya)" (4 Jan 12)

"Revolution offers chance for Libyan archaeology" (18 Nov 11)

"Looting of Libyan treasure highlights illicit antiquities trade" (11 Nov 11)

"A new mission in Libya: Prof Susan Kane leads program to preserve endangered sites in Cyrene." (10 Nov 11)

"Castles in the desert: Satellites reveal lost cities of Libya" (9 Nov 11)

"Fall of Gaddafi opens a new era for the Sahara’s lost civilisations" (5 Nov 11)

"Looted Libyan Treasure – In Egypt’" (31 Oct 11)

"Media Release Libya 2011-09-30-1" (3 Oct 11)

"In Tripoli’s museum of antiquity only Gaddafi is lost in revolution" (11 Sep 11)


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