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News Archive: Mali

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"The beautiful, historic shrines that Islamists try to destroy" (25 Jul 14)

"Libraries in Exile group launches appeal to save Timbuktu manuscripts" (17 Jun 13)

"Timbuktu damage to Mali historic sites understmated’" (11 Jun 13)

"How Timbuktu’s manuscripts were saved from jihadists" (26 May 13)

"The remote mountains of northern Mali perfect for guerrillas" (4 Feb 13)

"Historic Timbuktu Texts Saved From Burning" (1 Feb 13)

"Are we willing to die to save the past?" (15 Aug 12)

"Mali unites against Ansar Dine Islamists in Timbuktu" (17 Jul 12)

"Radical Islamists wage Muslim civil war in Africa" (14 Jul 12)

"Al-Qaida-Linked Group Infiltrates Timbuktu" (13 Jul 12)

"Timbuktu Arabs set up armed watch at ancient tombs" (11 Jul 12)

"Mali: La Menace plance sur les manuscrits de Tomouctou" (3 Jul 12)

"Mali: Islamists plant mines around Gao’" (3 Jul 12)

"Mali Islamists Destroy Ancient Timbuktu sites" (2 Jul 12)

"Irina Bokova concerned about growing threats to cultural heritage in Mali" (15 May 12)

"Mali: Timbuktu heritage may be threatened, UNESCO says" (4 Apr 12)


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