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News Archive: Syria

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"It’s Time to Stop Destruction of Middle East Heritage" (5 May 14)

"Among the Wounded in Syria’s War: Ancient History" (7 Mar 14)

"National Public Radio discussion about destruction of Syrian heritage" (7 Feb 14)

"Syrian battle edges closer to historic Crusader castle" (29 Jan 14)

"Growing concern over Syria heritage sites" (26 Dec 13)

"Destruction of antiquities a loss for all eternity" (27 Nov 13)

"Cultural Preservation Groups Ask Obama to Protect Syrian Heritage Sites" (11 Sep 13)

"Syrian War makes sudden appearance at convent in historic Christian town" (9 Sep 13)

"Syria’s Rich Archaeological Treasures Imperiled by Civil War" (3 Sep 13)

"Syria conflict: UNESCO adds ancient sites to danger list" (20 Jun 13)

"Syria conflict: UNESCO adds ancient sites to danger list" (15 Jun 13)

"The Art of Civil War: As the conflict rages in Syria, it’s a bull market for antiquities dealers and thieves ." (8 May 13)

"Ancient Syrian castles serve again as fighting positions" (4 May 13)

"Syria clashes destroy ancient Aleppo minaret" (24 Apr 13)


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