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News Archive: Syria

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"Syria’s priceless heritage under attack" (9 Mar 13)

"Syrian Rebels loot artifacts to raise money for fight against Assad" (12 Feb 13)

"Ancient Syrian souk burns as fighting rages in Aleppo" (1 Oct 12)

"In Syria’s Largest City, Fire Ravages Ancient Market" (29 Sep 12)

"Syria’s Looted Past: How Ancient Artifacts Are Being Traded For Guns" (12 Sep 12)

"Violdence in Syria threats world cultural heritage" (24 Aug 12)

"Castles, Ancient treasures under fire in Syria possibly beyond repair" (17 Aug 12)

"Syrian Conflict Imperils Historical Treasures" (15 Aug 12)

"Syria: Aleppo’s citadel damaged in clashe, eyewitnesses said" (10 Aug 12)

"Desert Mystery: Archaeologist hopes to resume investigation in Syria" (26 Jun 12)

"Syria’s rich heritage threatened by the turmoil" (2 May 12)

"Experts Sound Alarm over Syria Archaeological Treasures" (5 Apr 12)

"This will keep you awake at night" (27 Jan 12)

"Blue Shield Syrian Statement 17 May 2011" (17 May 11)


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