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"Cultural Property Protection Bill Reintroduced in the House" (21 Mar 15)

"History 2.0: Civil War Journals & Historic Letters Go Digital" (13 Aug 14)

"The Monuments Men: Lessons for the 21st Century (Youtube video)" (18 Feb 14)

"Buyer to return Hopi artefacts to Native Americans" (11 Dec 13)

"Peace and Stability Operations Journal Volume 3, Issue 4." (22 Aug 13)

"Trailer for new movie Monument Men, based on the book by Robert Edsel. Movie is due in Dec 2013." (30 Jul 13)

"Archaeologist saves cultural treasures with cards" (27 Aug 12)

"No bailout coming for European culture" (25 Jul 12)

"Curse of the Outcast Artifact" (12 Jul 12)

"Mining the Open Web for Looted Heritage" (8 Jun 12)

"Archaeologists blast hasty world heritage listings" (18 Apr 12)

"Cultural Property Protection as a Force Multiplier in Stability Operations: WW II Monuments Officers Lessons Learned" (15 Mar 12)


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